Sinead is an illustrator captivated by the possibilities of what can be expressed and communicated through fashion and human form.  At the core of her illustrations is the simple black dress, a fashion staple relatable to all women as a symbol of simplicity and elegance, adaptable to a range of circumstances and occasions. Thus enabling each of her characters to manipulate the simple black shape and use it to convey their own personality and identity. This is complimented by her use of hairstyles, clothing, body modifications and others means, which provides visual representations of the individuals identity and how they wish to be portrayed to the external environment. Consequently enabling an aesthetic exploration of sexuality, gender, personality and status, and how pose, expression and clothing can change how we perceive the body and individual. Her artwork also investigates the relationship between the individual’s internal and external world, through incorporating textures and architecture to create patterns corresponding to the various layers of personality, identity and experience.