Fierce Florals

Over the past few years’ floral patterns have undergone a major reinvention, innocent, pretty and cute spring attire has been abandoned in the name of fierce florals, combining power and femininity through the perfectly suited metaphor of Mother Nature.  Shrinking violets are non-existent in the new floral revolution as references to photosynthesis, female anatomy and the seasonal cycles have enabled an exploration of the darker, daring and dominating aspects of nature and there relationship to humanity.

Through out history flowers have been used as a method of communication from Victorian courtship to herbal remedies. Flowers and herbs appear integrated with human civilization for both beauty and functionality. Although still continuing with my Little Black Dress series I felt overwhelmed with inspiration from these trends and began exploring various methods of incorporating flowers into my illustrations. This originated in the form of floral boarders and frames, as I didn’t want to alter the initial concept of the series, investigating what could be expressed with a simple black shape.  I adored the concept of portraying women as bold, dominating and power yet still maintaining elegance and beauty.  Through my own illustrations I attempted to combine delicate fashion with strong characters with bold personalities.

I presented this figure both clothed and unclothed with the intention of exploring the impact a black silhouette had on the body. Also this enabled future opportunities for further experimentation with layering, concealing and manipulating different aspects of the body through lace, veils and shapes. Although these illustrations don’t directly combine florals and fabric I’m excite to experiment in future projects with integrating floral imagery into the dresses and bodies, whilst exploring more  elaborate clothing choices.