Experimenting with Girls

Every artist’s journey is completely different, unique to the individual and their circumstances.  For almost a decade my artistic practice has been my one true passion, my lifestyle and identity. Looking back I find it impossible to imagine my life as it is, or becoming the person I am today without this journey. Since my teenage years I’ve lived in my sketchbooks, on scraps of paper and just about any artistic materials I could get my hands on.  As creative’s we are continuously experimenting and searching for different methods of expressing ourselves, communicating and exploring our artistic identity.  I caught the creative fever as a teenager and have thankfully never shaken it, since then, like a compulsion I feel constantly overwhelmed with the desire to create, be it drawing, painting, collage, writing or fashion (and the list certainly expands far beyond there).  The creative fever often begins small through sketching, experimenting and exploring until we slowly become more and more consumed by our individual creative wonderlands, and every opportunity, experience and choice we make possesses the ability to become a piece of art in it's own right. From the way we dress, communicate and carry ourselves, every aspect of our nature and relationship to the external world becomes an expression of ourselves and the impact we wish to have on the world around us. Enabling our lives to become our one true masterpiece, with a series of highlighted artworks along the way.  

As I reflect on my teenage work although a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot) appears to be lacking in skills and I often cringe and the sight, “style” and angstyness of the artwork (as I think all creative’s do when they view their earlier work.) I also envy how fearless and experimental my previous self was.  During these years I became obsessed with discovering my style, as we all do when we begin our creative journeys, an overpowering desire to find our true creative voice takes over. Through browsing galleries or online you quickly realise the artists around you all appear comfortable in their style and although their works vary and progresses, a sense of familiarity and instant recognition also appears apparent, which was something I truly yearned for in my own artistic practice. However eventually the realization hits, style is not something you discover, it finds you, after hours of practice, experimentation, triumphs and fails, you soon begin to realize who you are and what works for you, what subjects and visuals are important and what makes your artwork uniquely yours. Even when you think you’ve found your voice still nothing is set in stone, your creative journey will resume, never stagnating, continuously evolving.  

Although I love my current style and think I’ve truly began finding my creative voice, I still have the desire to expand and explore my practice further. I’m currently captivated by the idea of creating a body of work studying human form in a less rigid and more experimental setting. I also miss using new and less conventional materials as is often difficult when you settle into a particular style.  However, in the name of experimentation I began some quick painting sketches, which will hopefully begin a starting point for more painted work in the future. Although I used materials I haven’t in a while and was more than a bit rusty, my style still shines through, as evident by the use of block colours, colour schemes and of course my love for female form.  I can’t wait to create some larger paintings and explore patterns and fashion choices further.  

Through exploring my earlier and more present work it becomes apparent that my artistic journey is equally a reflection of my personal growth as it my creative growth. When you truly start to see yourself through your artwork, your artwork simultaneously reflects you and inescapably your art holds the same amount of power over you as you hold over it.