Travel Diaries : To Tenby and Back

Travel holds an appeal over the majority of us, as a migrating species an urge to travel is naturally ingrained in us all. And as most of us realize after our journeys, be it holidays, visiting family and friends or exploring our local areas, travel holds a vast potential to change us. We often return feeling energized, consumed with new desires and possibilities, with the need to examine and reinvent our previous way of living. When given time away from our familiar surroundings and everyday lives we are left with the core of who we are, what we want and what makes us uniquely ourselves. This time to evaluate is a priceless gift and whether we are spiritual or not travel enables a sense of connection between ourselves and the universe, the people we meet along the way and an appreciation for the diversity of culture and traditions through out the world, that offer varied yet equally valid ways of interpreting the world and ways in which we live our lives.

Be it through global travel or simply leaving the city to return to nature, the impact and effects of travel are limitless and expose us to whole new worlds and traditions. Allowing us to see what truly clicks with us and how we can enhance our lives to reach our full potential and achieve our desires.  Often the idea of travel ignites ideas of journeys far way to other lands, however we often forget the beauty, diversity and culture in our own back yards.  A recent weekend away provided a much needed escape, abandoning the city to experience the quaintness and tranquillity of the nearby beautiful seaside town, Tenby.  

The town itself appears host to a wealth of personality, as the pastel houses dotted along the coast provided a sense of maturity to seaside culture. Whilst also initiating a huge inspiration for my artwork, which often incorporates architectural features and patterns, and the houses blatantly appeal to my obsession for pastel colour schemes, which our eternally present through out my artwork. Tenby emerges literally layered in heritage and history, as the medieval stone wall surrounding the town centre appears integrated with shops and travel tunnels. Whilst the cobble stone street and varying architecture captures the diverse and extensive history of the small town.

 The town appeared to have the perfect balance between the natural world and village life. As the town parallels to the sea coast a sense of connectedness is present, which expands to the stone houses and rustic atmosphere. The beaches were beautiful expanding miles down the coast with pure sand and charming waves. However, in traditional British seaside fashion a big coat and layers were of course essential, yet took nothing away from the beautiful surroundings. The tranquillness of the town was overpowering as in seconds you could transition from the village centre to the isolation of the beach, encapsulating you in the elements.

A true sense of community was apparent throughout the town. I was overwhelmed and inspired by the vast amount of independent shops, owned by, selling and supporting local artists, crafters and makers. The diversity of the stock varied greatly including jewellery, sculptures and a wealth of galleries.  The beauty in knowing the nature of the items and supporting a strong sense of an artistic communities was great, and presented more than souvenirs, in exchange for works of art which could be cherished and embedded with memories. The sense of community expanded to the coffee shops and restaurants, which abandoned the capitalist fever of chain franchises to provide a truly unique experience.  As vegan’s we often find it difficult to eat out, even more so in small towns primarily renowned for fishing. However, we felt more than welcomed with a host of restaurant’s willing to accommodate and we consumed a diversity of beautiful food, ranging from gourmet burgers to Indian cuisine. It was wonderful to see a town which appeared a self sufficient community, supporting each other, with every business being a product of someones passion.

The trip truly provided me with the ability to reflect on my life and my love of being surrounded by the natural world. Already I can feel myself nostalging over the walks on the beach, browsing the town and exploring the historical landmarks. I adored the town's appreciation and respect for handmade items and artistic and crafted goods, which often appears lost in city life. The trip provided some much needed relaxation and I can’t wait for more travel trips in the future. Although with this new wealth of inspiration I can't wait to be consumed by my artwork again and potentially explore new avenues of creating.